Tennant i-mop® XL Plus Walk-Behind Disk Floor Scrubber - 18.1", Lithium Ion

Tennant i-mop® XL Plus Walk-Behind Disk Floor Scrubber - 18.1", Lithium Ion

Item # TN-1264254-EA

  • Increase productivity, minimize foot traffic disruptions, create a more inviting facility and reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries with improved cleaning performance versus manual mopping.
  • Brush RPM: 350; Brush/pad pressure: 48.4 lbs./32 kg; Brush diameter: 8.90"
  • Solution tank: 1 Gal.; Recovery tank: 1.5 Gal.; Pad diameter: 10.63"
  • Battery run time (100% charge): up to 70 min. w/1 hour charge time up to 60 minutes
  • Battery charge time: 5 hours; Battery voltage: 24.2V (8.8 AH)
  • Dimensions: 14.2" L x 26.8" W x 50" H; Weight: w/batteries & water 79.6 lbs.
  • Includes One battery set (2 batteries in total)
  • Batteries do not ship in machine box, but separately
18.1", Lithium Ion 8.8AH, ea

Work with the freedom of movement and great ease of use. Highly maneuverable design and intuitive controls. Lithium-Ion battery technology. Relieve the operator of extra weight with the i-balance mechanism and prevent the machine from falling. Easily clean or replace squeegee with the quick change squeegee assembly.


  • Simple intuitive controls make it easy to operate and train.
  • Detachable tanks make it easy to replace or change cleaning solution on the fly or empty recovery water in any sink offering very little down time.
  • Rechargeable modular battery packs for continuous run-time by swapping out and recharging with an extra set of batteries.
  • Heavy-duty hinge for 360° steering, highly maneuverable in small spaces around obstacles and under furniture.
  • Low profile and folding design fits under furniture and counters and gets into tight spaces. Deck folds for narrow storage.
  • Counter rotating twin brushes push solution toward the center rather than splashing off to the side of the machine.
  • Powerful 350 RPM motors offer up to twice the speed of many conventional disk scrubbers.
  • Floating Ball System: A floating ball has been inserted in the filtration element which pops-up, or engages, when the recovery tank is full. This will close the tank and prevent water from overflowing to help protect the vacuum motor.
  • Store & Transport with ease. Battery safe guard ensures the i-mop[R] stays off when in storage mode preventing the battery from draining. Wheels make transporting easy between different areas, levels and buildings.
  • Protect against water damage. Electronic switch shuts down the engine automatically when held below a 32-degree angle helping to protect the motor from water damage.
  • Dramatically reduces water and chemical consumption over mop and bucket cleaning with the patented Fluid Management Systems.
  • Adjust to changing chemical needs in a matter of seconds by switching to a different solution tank.