Tennant R14 Ride-On Dual Technology Carpet Maintainer - 28"

Tennant R14 Ride-On Dual Technology Carpet Maintainer - 28"

Item # TN-9001689-EA

  • Deliver beautiful carpets in minutes with ReadySpace[R]. Carpets are clean, dry and ready for traffic in less than 30 minutes with ReadySpace[R] technology.
  • Hygenic[TM] solution tank 32 gal.
  • Hygenic[TM] recovery tank 28 gal.
  • Brush motor (2) .54 hp
28", ea


  • Deep clean with unmatched extraction technology. Removes even the most deeply-embedded dirt from carpets with powerful restorative extraction.
  • ReadySpace[R] technology uses 80% less water, and leaves behind up to 90% less water versus traditional extraction, helping to reduce mold growth and increasing environmental health and safety.
  • Carpets are clean and dry in 30 minutes with ReadySpace[R].
  • Reduce bacteria growth, easily accessible and fully-cleanable Hygenic[R] tanks elevate clean-out to sanitization.
  • With a wide 28" cleaning path, a generous 32 gallon solution tank, and a three-hour battery run time, the R14 with ReadySpace[R] delivers unsurpassed continuous cleaning time.
  • Dual counter-rotating brushes/rollers lift and remove more dirt from both front and back of carpet fibers.
  • Patented vacuum shoe design. Get superior water recovery from maximum suction across entire cleaning path.
  • Simple technology switching, quick, easy no-tool change-over.
  • Compact, maneuverable design. Easily clean hard to access spaces.
  • Superior ergonomics prevent operator fatigue.
  • Soft-touch control board for quick training, easy operation.


  • Productivity (per hour): Theoretical Max (ReadySpace): 13,000 ft2/hr; Estimated Coverage (ReadySpace): 10,000 ft2/hr; Theoretical Max (Extraction): 7,500 ft2/hr; Estimated Coverage: 5,000 ft2/hr.
  • Roller/Brush Size: (Dual cylindrical) 27.5"
  • Down Pressure ReadySpace: 104 lbs standard and 152 lbs heavy
  • Down Pressure Extraction: 32 lbs standard and 84 lbs heavy
  • Roller/Brush Speed: 270 rpm
  • Vacuum Shoe (2): Dual 16.5" removable without tools
  • Vacuum Fan (2): 0.6 hp
  • Vacuum System Airflow: (Actual) ReadySpace 48 CFM/Extraction 32 CFM
  • Vacuum System Sealed Water Lift: 56"
  • Solution Pump Type: Positive displacement piston pump
  • Pump Max Rated Pressure: 250 psi
  • Working Pressure: ReadySpace: 30 psi at spray tips; Extraction: 52 psi at spray tips
  • Solution Spray Rate: ReadySpace: 0.33 gpm; Extraction: 1.24 gpm
  • Nozzle Configuration: ReadySpace: Dual with consistent pattern; Extraction: Dual with consistent pattern
  • Propelling Speeds: (All speeds variable to). Transport forward 290 fpm, transport reverse 175 fpm, ReadySpace cleaning standard 100 fpm, ReadySpace cleaning maximum 150 fpm, Extraction cleaning standard 50 fpm, Extraction cleaning maximum 75 fpm
  • Propel Motor: 1.1 hp
  • Speed Control: Electronic
  • Transport: Empty for trailering: 11 deg; at gross weight: 6 deg; working (ReadySpace or Extraction) 3 deg
  • Battery & Charger: Standard capacity batteries (24-volt) 360 AH @ 20 hr discharge rate. Maximum continuous run time 3 hours. 25 amp off-board charger.
  • Safety System: Seat switch, power shut-down switch and automatic breaking & parking brake are all standard.
  • Sound Level: At operator ear: 73 dBa
  • Dimensions: Length: 61.5"; machine: 31.5"; vacuum shoe path/scrub head 32"; minimum aisle turn 64"; height 52"
  • Weight: 835 lbs less batteries, 1225 lbs with batteries.
  • Maximum Tire Footprint Pressure: 85 psi
  • Warranty: 3 years/1500 hours on parts and labor (excluding batteries). 10 years on rotationally-molded polyethylene tanks.