Tennant T5 Walk-Behind Scrubber - 24" Disk, 240 AH, ec-H2O

Tennant T5 Walk-Behind Scrubber - 24" Disk, 240 AH, ec-H2O

Item # TN-MV-T5-0061-EA

  • Easily train new operators to use the simple, intuitive controls. Includes pad drivers and standard width squeegee with Linatex blades.
  • Brush motor: (2) 0.75 hp; Brush RPM: 220
  • Vac motor: 0.85 hp; Waterlift: 62"
  • (4) 6 V, 240 AH batteries with run time of up to 4.5 hours
  • Use less chemical and packaging with ec-H2O NanoClean[TM] detergent-free cleaning technology
  • Lock-in consistent, repeatable cleaning results with exclusive QA Controls[TM] system
24" Disk, 240 AH, ec-H2O NanoClean, ea

Reduce operator contact with wastewater and prevent clogged hoses/drains with the convenient debris tray. Quickly remove and replace brushes and squeegees. Plus, with the "no hassle" squeegee system, there are no tools for maintenance and the blade is factory set at the optimum recovery angle. Gray solid urethane tires. Increase safety with NFSI-certified ec-H2O NanoClean™ cleaning technology. Outstanding solution recovery, even on 180 degree turns with innovative squeegee design. Complete-access Hygenic® tanks allows for easy cleaning and sanitization.


  • Eliminate the need for follow-up passes and mop-ups with the fully self-adjusting splash skirt that captures scrub deck overspray.
  • Scrub longer on a single tank with ec-H20 NanoClean[TM] technology.
  • ec-H20 NanoClean[TM] technology electrically converted water is created by an on-board e-cell that generates millions of very tine microscopic bubbles known as nanobubbles that promote the cleaning efficacy of the solution.


  • Productivity (per hour): Theoretical mas: 26,400 ft2; Estimated actual (conventional): 17,875 ft2; Estimated actual (ec-H2O NanoClean): 20.075 ft2
  • Brush/Pad Down Pressure: (3 settings) 40, 80, 120 lb.
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 22.5 Gal.
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: (includes demisting chamber): 27 Gal.
  • Propel Speed: (variable to): Transport: 2.7 mph; Scrubbing: 2.5 mph
  • Sound Level: Operator's ear: 68 dBA